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    Diversified Advantages of CLUM Series Ultrafine Powder Vertical Roller Mill

    From:未知 ?? Date:2017-06-06 15:44

    1. Strong product diversity. CLUM series ultrafine powder vertical roller mill is equipped with a turbo air classifier, which can produce a large range of product sizes. 

    2. Use optimized production line process design, CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill consumption is lower than vertical mill consumption of the same type.

    3. After classification, the ultrafine powder produced by the main unit is characterized by a narrow particle size distribution, high profit margins and added value to produce finished powder products, and good single particle shape. Because of the diversified finished product and strong competitiveness, it has the widely available applications, such as artificial stone, plastic masterbatch, PVC pipe, wire and cable, diapers, non-woven fabrics and other industries, with such advantages as good activation effects and low oil absorption.

    4. After being improved, rollers, grinding table, diversion systems and internal circulation systems can greatly improve the grinding efficiency and improve output by 15%-30% compared to ball mills, etc.

    5. With leading grinding equipment technology, the improved grinder can be operated at low vibration. Compared with Taiwan or domestic brands, CLUM series grinder has lower noise.

    6. The whole system is fully closed-loop system, with small dust pollution, so the production environment is more clean and environmentally friendly.

    7. In the main grinding mill, the main wear-resistant parts are all imported wear-resistant materials, which can increase the service life of the grinding machine and reduce maintenance costs.

    8. The grinding process can fully automatically use computer to control the addition of grinding agent for powder processing, thus increasing product added value. The complete production line is fully under PLC control; flash real-time display and can perfectly link the machine control system of continuous modifier to achive a high degree of artificial intelligence.

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