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    Shanghai Clirik's alum mine grinding mill is worth buying

    From:未知 ?? Date:2020-04-22 09:33

    The alum ore grinding mill is an important machine in the alum ore project. The purpose of the alum ore project is to extract investment from the alum ore. Wenzhou Alum Mine is well-known and is known as the "World Alum Capital". At present, the mining and processing work continues to expand. Bauxite projects in other regions are also underway.
    Type of alum grinding mill
    80 ~ 400 mesh alum ore powder machinery adopts Raymond mill to obtain a capacity of 1-9 tons per hour.
    There are many kinds of alum ore mills, which can be processed by Raymond mills. These machines can process alum ore to 80 ~ 400 meshes to extract alum elements. Alum mine Raymond mill is an ideal machine suitable for many small and medium-sized alum miners to carry out project investment.
    80 ~ 400 mesh alum ore powder machinery adopts HGM vertical mill to obtain 1-45 tons per hour capacity.
    alum vertical mill
    Alum mine vertical mill is a comprehensive investment and energy-saving configuration scheme for large-scale alumite processing projects. Large-scale mechanical production capacity is a suitable choice for large-scale enterprises for alumite processing. Calculated from long-term investment, it can save a lot of electricity every year, directly generate profits in the production and processing stage, and the vanadium powder products are more competitive.
    325 mesh ~ 2500 mesh alum ore mill adopts CLUM ultrafine vertical mill to obtain 4-20 tons per hour capacity.
    The production of ultrafine powder of alum ore is a large-scale processing machine with high output, fine powder and energy consumption, which is cost-effective by using CLUM ultrafine vertical mill to save land. The alum ore powder produced by this type of mill has a large specific surface area and a higher extraction efficiency of alum elements.
    Shanghai Clirik produces various types of alum ore mills and non-metallic ore milling equipment, including Raymond mills, slag vertical mills, cement vertical mills and ultra-fine vertical mill production lines. It has many customers, good evaluation, and a consultation telephone 008613917147829 You are welcome to call the 24-hour hotline.

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