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    Raymond Vertical Mill Clirik is excellent in price and good in quality

    From:未知 ?? Date:2020-05-14 08:39

    When buying Raymond vertical mill equipment, you will first ask which brand is the manufacturer. In the Chinese shopping consciousness, only the big brands can be used with confidence and guarantee.
    The same is true of mining machinery and equipment. When we buy a mill, we will first understand how to decide whether to buy this brand of equipment. There are many domestic manufacturers of Raymond vertical mill equipment, but not many manufacturers of big brands. When our users purchase Raymond Vertical Mill, they should understand the specific conditions of their manufacturers before deciding whether to purchase.
    Raymond vertical mill
    First, Clirik has strong technical force, complete measurement and testing methods, and has passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification.
    Second, Clirik has advanced production equipment such as steel casting, riveting, forging, metal cutting, heat treatment, assembly, and various types of complete equipment. It has a plant of 50,000 square meters, 500 employees and more than 60 middle and senior technical personnel. The testing and measuring equipments are complete and the quality control methods are perfect.
    Third, Clirik Raymond Vertical Mill uses special rubber and wear-resistant materials to reduce the vibration sleeve, which not only effectively isolates the vibration generated by the operation of the equipment, but also changes the structure of the rubber sleeve used by the Raymond machine in the past. 3. Frequent maintenance defects ensure the continuity of production.
    Raymond vertical mill
    Fourth, the maintenance-free grinding roller assembly of Clirik Raymond Vertical Mill uses a multi-layer barrier structure to ensure the sealing of the grinding roller device. The working environment of the roller device is extremely high dust concentration. The roller device of the traditional R-type pendulum mill cannot rely on the laminated seal to reliably seal the bearing. The project uses a floating oil seal technology and a spiral seal-level skeleton oil seal. Barrier structure, reliable sealing, greatly reducing equipment maintenance time.
    Clirik Raymond Vertical Mill is a large-scale high-efficiency environmental protection grinding equipment independently developed by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd., covering 5 invention patents, and can be widely used in coal-based kaolin, calcite, marble, talc, ceramics, etc. with a Mohs hardness below 7 1. Powder processing of metal ore, non-metal ore and chemical raw materials with humidity within 6%.
    If you want to know the Raymond vertical mill price or have any questions about Raymond vertical mill, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Phone: 008613917147829/0086-21-20236178
    E-mail: info@clirik.com
    Address: No.19 Fuqing Rd, Pudong New Area, Shanghai201201,China.

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