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    Frequently asked questions about vertical roller mills

    From:未知 ?? Date:2019-08-29 16:49

    Vertical roller mill roller body wear

    Reasons: 1. Subject to frictional pressure between roller, material reaction force, friction between material and roller liner
    2. The mutual effect of the material grinding angle on the shear stress of the grinding roller, the hydraulic system pressure of the roller mill and the apparent compressive stress of the vertical mill
    Fault: Once there is a matching clearance, impact collision will occur between the body and the lining, which will increase the wear between the body and the lining. In severe cases, the lining will crack or even break, causing the lining to fall off, the machine is damaged, especially the deceleration. Damage to the machine, causing a vicious incident.
    Solution: Developed countries such as Europe and the United States use polymer composite materials for rapid repair of vertical roller wear, among which the Fushui Blue series is relatively mature. The material is satisfactorily solved with its excellent mechanical properties and good plasticity. It not only prolongs the service life of the equipment, improves the productivity, but also avoids the secondary possibility of the problem, and avoids the additional downtime of the shutdown, and escorts the safe and continuous production of the enterprise.

    Vertical roller mill wear chamber wear

    Reason: 1. There is a gap between the bearing and the bearing chamber
    2. Bearing heating will lead to bearing sintering
    Solution: 1. Traditional soldering brush plating method, there are certain drawbacks: repair welding will cause thermal stress, bearing material damage, severe deformation or even break; brush plating pollution is heavy, and coating thickness is limited, application Subject to greater restrictions.
    2. The processing of polymer composite materials can ensure the matching of the repaired parts and the matching parts to the utmost extent, and avoid the secondary wear caused by the increase of the gap.

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