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    Cement Powder Vertical Roller Mill

    From:未知 ?? Date:2018-07-27 09:44

    Vertical roller mill is one of the common use cement powder making machines which is usually be used in the cement industry. As we all know that the cement powder was mixed up by limestone powder, clay powder and powder materials. There are many stone materials should be grind into superfine powder, so that the cement powder making need fine powder materials. For many large size cement making factory, have one their own vertical roller mill will be cheaper than they buy the powder materials from other factory.

    The vertical roller mill has a large output, the maximum capacity of vertical roller mill can up to 100 tons per hour. And the process powder fineness range is about 300 mesh to 3000 mesh. Besides the common vertical roller mill, there is a new type vertical roller mill appear on the market, we usually call it CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill, the general powder fineness made by ultra fine vertical roller mill is 1250 mesh to 3000 mesh; however, by the wet method grinding, the minimum powder fineness can up to 10000 mesh, but you know, the higher fineness is, the lower capacity will be, if you want to process 10000 mesh superfine cement powder, the capacity will be lower.

    Shanghai Clirik Machinery has devoted into the filed of vertical roller mill R&D and manufacturing for decades years, besides the vertical roller mill, we are also good at other kinds of powder making machines, such as: ultra fine mills, Raymond mills, ball mills and so on. If you have any doubt about the cement powder making, or you have other question about our vertical roller mill, welcome to leave your message on our website. Thanks for your reading.

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